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Disaster prevention workshop for foreigners a call for participation

Do you know what to do if an earthquake occurs? Do you know what preparations you should make? By joining you can gather important information. You can reduce personal risks ,protect your family and Friends .please come by all means.
Convenient [ A Piece of cloth for Disaster Prevention, written with immediate assistance info's during Emergencies ] will be given away!


・ Emergency food experience ・ Disaster prevention classroom (lecture / workshop) ・ Evacuation site evacuation


February 22, 2020 (Sat) 11:30 Reception / Lunch From 13:00 to 15:00 Disaster prevention classroom
11:30 Reception・Lunch
From 13:00~15:00 Disaster prevention classroom
※ General participation is possible


Please apply by phone or e-mail to either Konan City International Association or Koka City International Association with (1) name, (2) language, and (3) contact information (E-mail / phone number).
[Konan City International Association] kia@gaea.ocn.ne.jp ・ [Koka City International Association] mifa@mx.biwa.ne.jp


Shiga Prefecture, Koka City, Konan City, Shiga International Association, Koka International Association, Konan City International Association


Kinki Regional Internationalization Association Liaison Council

Cooperation with

Language One Corporation


Date & Time

Sat, 02/22/2020
11:30 - 15:00


Konan City Mikumo Town Development Center
・ 20 minutes on foot from JR Kusatsu Line “Mikumo Station” ・ Konan community bus “Meguru-kun” Kosei minami Line (Myokanji route), get off at “Mikumo Town Development Center” bus stop ,2 minutes on foot


Konan City Mikumo 1186

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Konan City International Association / Koga International Association
0748-69-7530(Konan International Association)・0748-63-8728(Koka International Society)
0748-69-7530(Konan International Association)・0748-70-6468(Koka International Society)