Beat the Coronavirus! Child Support Project
A Message from the Governor MIKAZUKI Taizo to the children of Shiga

Hi everyone! I am MIKAZUKI Taizo, Governor of Shiga.
It is a great shame that schools are closed because of the spread of the new coronavirus. I think many of you are feeling sad because not all of you can attend graduation ceremonies or you cannot see your friends at school in the third semester.
Let’s work together to keep the new coronavirus away and not to get infected. We have decided to create “Beat the Coronavirus! Child Support Project” so you can utilize your time doing some activities or learning at home. I’ll introduce some of the programs.

1 Cooking Program: How to Make Milk Pudding

We are showing how to make pudding using milk you drink at school lunch on the Shiga Prefecture Homepage. Please use milk you have at home and make your family and friends happy with milk pudding you make for them!

2 Let’s Share Our Feelings for Spring

Please go out and find something springlike around you and express it in your own way such as taking a photo, drawing a picture, composing, or making a haiku poem and send it to us! We are preparing very special presents for applicants who will be selected in a draw.

Many elderly people cannot go out freely right now because they need to avoid the new coronavirus. Also, there are a lot of people in the world with a cough and fever caused by the new coronavirus. Let’s work together to overcome this difficult situation so we can go back to our ordinary lives where we can learn and have fun at school and in our communities!
Please join “Beat the Coronavirus! Child Support Project.”

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